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Vintage Traditional Kokeshi Dolls

Many collectors looking to buy kokeshi dolls are drawn to the beauty and simplicity of the Japanese wooden dolls. Created as toys and totems for children, Kokeshi dolls represent different aspects of Japanese society. The original‘Traditional’ Japanese wooden dolls are all categorized as antique Kokeshi and most crafted from 1600 to 1800s by eleven families in the northern Tohuku region of Japan. Each family developed a specific style of doll, with different patterns, face details, and silhouettes. 

The simple form of the Japanese wooden dolls typically feature a spherical head, long torso, with no arms or legs. In the Tohuku region Kokeshi dolls are still crated today in the traditional style. When buying Kokeshi dolls from our site, we do our best to explain the specific family-style, craftsmanship, and qualities of the vintage and antique wooden dolls.