Vintage Nambu/Kina-Kina Traditional Kokeshi by Sasaki, Kakuhei

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Dimensions: 7-1/2” h

One of the places where the Nambu (Hanamaki) kokeshi were conceived and made is Hanamaki, a hot springs resort in Iwate-ken. The head of this doll bobbles and incorporates the Hitoe-Mabuta, (single lid), eyes, and the Neko-Bana, (cat’s nose), with double bangs framing the face. It has a bulbous body shape that incorporates the Rokuru-Moyo horizontal lines in red and green.

Vintage Condition: Excellent, “as is” condition and retains the original craft/workmanship, and is commensurate with age. No imperfections from age such as chipping/cracking or structural damage.