Videos | Traditional Crafts of Japan

This set of eight documentary-style films explore traditional Japanese handcrafts and artists of Japan. The series of 8 half-hour videos on the production of Japanese crafts ©SIGLO, Ltd. for Diamond, Inc. 1992 - John Junkerman, Director: "The Traditional Crafts of Japan," 1991, were made to accompany an encyclopedia of crafts by the Japan Traditional Crafts Center.

It is no wonder that craft production is an elaborate process which requires the working of different crafts in tandem. These 25 minute educational videos explore the subjects of hands-on crafts and human imagination, informing and providing inspiration for artists and craftspersons – and indeed anyone who is passionate about visual culture and history.

These videos are a limited edition, “out of print”, not for sale, and are for educational purposes and cannot be reproduced. As retired Art and Design Professors we felt it was important to not only preserve these wonderful short films but also to share them with the public at-large. We thank Director Junkerman for documenting these creative endeavors.