Woodworking (Kyoto Joinery)

Traditional Japanese Woodworking - Joinery


Kyo Sashimono is a kind of wood joinery produced in the Prefecture of Kyoto. Sashimono is a collective name for furniture and furnishings assembled with wood joints that originate from the process of measuring with a monosashi, (woodwork ruler). There are many paulownia wood products of this craft, such as furniture, tea ceremony tools, and lathe-turned items. It is said that more than five hundred types of products can be created using several techniques. Kyo Sashimono has elegant designs unique to Kyoto, as it is said to have originated in the Heian period (794-1185), when the court culture pursued high quality. In addition, as this craft comes from both the simple tea ceremony culture, and the merchant culture of the Edo period, it has an interesting variety of designs reflecting these influences. Today’s crafts are a testament to the skills and experience of artisans, as well as hundreds of years of tradition. 

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