Weaving (Nishijin Textiles)

Traditional Japanese Weaving


Woven textiles produced in the Nishijin area of Kyoto are known as Nishijin-ori, or Nishijin textiles. They typically feature brilliantly dyed silk interwoven with lavish gold and silver threads into complex and skillful patterns. The core of the basics of Kimono is known to be, “a dyed Kimono goes with a woven Obi (the thick waist band), a woven Kimono goes with a dyed Obi.” The former is for formal wear and the latter is for casual wear. A woven Obi is called Nishijin-ori (Nishijin weaving), while a dyed Kimono is called a Kyoto-yuzen, originating in Kyoto. Nishijin-ori is the most sophisticated and lavish Obi you will find in Japan. Nishijin-ori products include costumes for the Noh theater. 

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