Vintage Sosaku Kokeshi entitled: “Tsuki | Moon” by Kato, Hiroshi

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Dimensions: 16-1/4”h

Through this exceptionally rare Kokeshi doll, (produced only in 1960), Katosan worked to bring memories of very traditional Japanese women. He shows thought and a contemporary approach to the ‘Mage” hair design in the expressive sumi-e’ brushwork of the stylistic details of the decorative motif. His interpretive approach to the cherry blossom in black, red, and gold-flecked obi is exceptional. The bottom of the Kimono is flipped up to expose the red undergarment. Her face is extremely expressive, and the offset and tilted head and eyes are characteristic of Japanese women, and represent the “windows of the soul”.

The majority of his female figures represent women from families of high rank, showing a certain aspect of freedom by being well-educated in music, poetry, art, and fashion. He produced a limited number of equally expressive dolls during the 1960s. The piece is signed by Kato-san with his red impressed stamp on the bottom. 

The piece was published in Sosaku Kokeshi: Celebrating the Major Artists of the Creative Movement in 2022. For more information on this artist go to the following link:

Condition: Excellent meaning that the piece retains its original craft/workmanship showing a wonderfully developed patina commensurate with age, which suggests “a degree of soiling that corresponds to its vintage” but void of damage, cracks, breakage, or repairs. This doll meets all the standards of the collectible Japanese Sosaku Kokeshi by Kato, Hiroshi.