Artisan | Woodworker: Hideo (Kei)

Artisan | Woodworker: Hideo (Kei)


Collector's note – Descriptive qualities/standard characteristics/ornamentation styles:

One of the oldest of legends is the story of the elderly couple, Joo and Uba, who is lovingly called Jotomba. Collectively, they are also referred to as Takasago, because, according to legend, they first appeared in the midst of Lake Takasago, near the Inland Sea. Jotomba represents a couple living in perfect harmony, growing old together, and symbolizing a lifetime of happiness. In this beautifully rendered drawing on the doll, we see Uba with a broom in her hands, and Joo, with a rake in his. Together, they are sweeping away trouble and raking in good fortune throughout their lives. Additionally, we see a turtle, a crane, and the traditional rising sun. All are important symbols in Japan. 

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