Vintage Sosaku Kokeshi Dolls by artist Takamizawa, Kazuo

Artisan | Woodworker: Takamizawa, Kazuo | 1927


Takamizawa-san lives in Maebashi City, in Gunma Prefecture, considered the center of modern Creative Kokeshi doll making. He is a multiple award winner, including the Prime Minister’s Award. 

As collectors we felt it was most important to represent all Sosaku Kokeshi artists, whether or not the artist has a written account of his or her life. Each show the diversity of this cultural specialization and the creative work produced by this artist.

Collector's note – descriptive qualities, standard characteristics & ornamentation styles:

His early 1950-60 dolls were left undecorated except for minimal wood burning and incising of camellia blossoms on Enju wood. With most of his dolls, the hair decoration is carved and stained, adding a classic black hair treatment with a ‘bob’, (Mage), as a separate piece. His designs can be delicately rendered in black pigment or thickly painted white blossoms floating on the body, adding dimension to a piece. He began creating more colorful, brightly decorated dolls in the 1970’s.


Artist's Signature:

Takamizawa, Kazuo Artist signature


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