Vintage Sosaku Kokeshi entitled: “Kantsubaki | Camellia Girl” by Takamizawa, Kazuo


Dimensions: 12-3/4’h 

Takamizawa-san is one of the Kokeshi artists referred to as a Kokeshi-kojin, a craftsperson who creates dolls from beginning to end, for which Kokeshi collectors are drawn to the aesthetic beauty and simplicity of form by these spirit-infused, lathe-turned dolls. This doll celebrates two elements that Takamizawa-san loved: the celebration of natural wood and the Winter Camellia. The figure retains the wonderful character and patterning of the Enju wood, in which in this case the wood's natural highlight is kept as a natural decorative element. The hairstyle is a classic black hair treatment with a (Mage), as a separate piece and complements the long bangs and ‘Bob’ treatment framing the face with a red nose. The entire figure details are executed with a woodturning technique which is the free-hand art of decorating with burn marks to give a visual and textural quality to the surface. This doll has Takamizawa-san red impressed personal stamp which he started affix it on his Kokeshi which is being sold in the ryokans/spas.

Condition: Excellent with no imperfections or color loss. Museum quality piece and a perfect doll for the collector of Takamizawa’s work in the Sosaku Kokeshi folk art genre.