A Sprinkling of Gold: The Lacquer Box Collection of Elaine Ehrenkranz


This 144-page book is exemplified by this wonderful writing by Taniaki Jun’ichiro who states, “Lacquerware decorated in gold is not something to be seen in a brilliant light, to be taken in at a single glance; it should be left in the dark, a part here and a part there picked up by a faint light. Its florid patterns recede into the darkness, conjuring in their stead an inexpressible aura of depth and mystery, of overtones but partly suggested. The sheen of the lacquer, set out on the night, reflects the wavering candlelight, announcing the draft that finds its way from time to time into the quiet room, luring one into a state of eerie. If the lacquer is taken away much of the spell disappears from the dream world built by the strong light of a candle and lamp. that wavering light beating the pulse of the night. Indeed the tin, impalpable, faltering light, picked up as though little rivers were running through eh room, collecting little pools here and  there, lacquer a patter on the surface of the night itself.” 

Included is a glossary of Lacquer Terms and packed full of beautiful colors and black and white images.

Condition: New, unused Hardbound, slipcase cover, clean and bright without a broken spine.