Antique Art Kotto Rokusho Vol.22 Ningenkokuho Ningyo Sakka


his out-of-print softbound magazine is focused on artists with high levels of artistic skill who styles their Ningyo Dolls that are based on  the performing arts such as Noh plays and people representing the Japanese society by artists that are classified as important intangible cultural heritage by Japan's minister for education and culture. 

Japanese Ningyo extends far beyond the limited concept of a simple play doll or child’s toy. Ningyo have served as powerful talismans to ward against evil, as the focus of annual festivals, as the main characters in elaborate theatrical productions, as fanciful parlor amusements, as princely, sought-after gifts closely associated with the upper echelons of Japanese society, as objects of diplomatic exchange, as well as play dolls.Creations by  artists such as Akiyama, Nobuko, Ichihashi Toshiko, Hayashi, Komao, Noguchi Sonoo, Hori Ryujo are just a few featured in this wonderful collectors magazine in full color. Japanese language.

Condition: Excellent, New condition, unbroken spine with Slipcover. Rare and exceptional collectors find.