Antique Chinese Ink and Wash Painting of Chinese Girl Playing Flute (Dizi)

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Dimensions: 15-0" x 12-0" +-

Description: Offered is a beautiful artwork referred to as shuǐ-mò (water and ink) illustrating freestyle and curing lines to depict a young girl with a traditional hairstyle and hair ornament Ji (筓) which was typical of the Qin dynasty, and playing the flute, (Dizi) in a traditional dwelling. She is seated on a bamboo bench wearing traditional clothing, Hanfu (yi and qun), which is beautifully draped and the bottom is nicely detailed. Her music is by her side. The work is very delicate in the execution of its colors and its strokes. In China, ink-wash painting formed a distinct stylistic tradition with a different set of artists working on it than those doing other types of painting. The main feature of genuine Chinese water and ink painting is its luminosity and transparency brought about by vegetable and mineral pigments.

From research on this particular subject, we found that Chinese mythology related to "LING LUN" who was known as the founder of music in ancient China created the bamboo flute that made the sounds of many birds. Without much information available we think this piece is honoring the founding of this wonderful musical instrument.  The piece is unsigned and has been archivally framed in a silver frame and dark gray silk matt.

Condition: Good condition meaning that the artwork retains its original craft/workmanship and is commensurate with age which suggests a slight degree of fading and dullness that corresponds to watercolor pigments which have a low lightfastness. (NOTE): The woodblock comes framed at no additional cost for we are in the business of selling artwork and not framing. The framing which was completed upon purchase of the woodblock has served its purpose of protecting the piece further from the effects of sunlight and other environmental conditions.