Antique Chinese Rosewood Display Stand with Serpentine Scroll Legs and Stretcher | Fine Art display Stand

Sale price$65.00

Dimensions:  3-1/2”h x 5-0”dia (dia. interior 3-1/2”)

A charming crafted Chinese decorative display stand, meticulously fashioned from rich colored natural wood with a captivating grain pattern that exudes warmth and authenticity. a distinctive oriental design featuring four gracefully curved legs that taper gently toward the ground, evoking a sense of harmony and balance depicting classic Chinese aesthetics. The open apron design adds an airy and light quality, allowing the stand to effortlessly complement its surroundings without overwhelming them.

Condition: This excellent exquisite piece seamlessly blends traditional Chinese craftsmanship making it an excellent presentation piece for most treasured art pieces. Captures the skillful artistry of the maker with no damage or loss of detailing.