Antique Japanese Kutani Bodhidharma | Seated Daruma Okimono

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Dimensions: 4-1/2” dia. x 5-1/2”h

An absolutely stunning antique Buddhist sculpture depicting Bodhidharma, the Buddhist disciple of Zen Buddhism. A beautifully formed figurine with heavily applied overglaze enamel depicting the religious leader seated in a meditation pose.  He displays a very serine expression and is dressed in his red-rust colored robe with a hood, (Cowl) that both frames his expressive face and exemplifies the wonderful folds of the garment. The piece exhibits a rich pictorial ornament executed in lively, intense lines and original Kutani color. His face and eyes are expressively detailed and incorporate his characteristic whiskers as he stares forward in meditation. Kutani has been passed onto generations because of its significance and expressive porcelain designs. The piece has an incised generic Kutani mark on the bottom.

The Daruma is the founder of Zen Buddhism and is traditionally used in Japanese culture to symbolize one’s goals, actions, and outcomes. Daruma was a 5th-century Buddhist monk who is said to have established Zen (Chan) Buddhist teachings from China to Japan. He is also credited with introducing Kung Fu and other martial arts to the monks at the Shaolin Temple in China

Condition: Excellent condition and as made and retains all the original features and coloration.