Antique Japanese Kyo ware Celadon Standing Daruma | Bodhidharma Okimono

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Dimensions: 9-1/2”h x 4-1/4”d x 3-1/2”l

This gorgeous, large Japanese Kyō ware ceramic celadon Okimono is made in the image of Dharma, (Bodhidharma) traditionally used in Japanese culture to symbolize one’s goals, actions, and outcomes. It is decorated in overglaze polychrome enamel, dating to the first half of the 20th century and originally created by Nonomura Ninsei. This Daruma has wonderfully executed and very expressive facial details. His has a wonderful modeled shade of green accenting the folds of his well defined hooded cloak, (cowl) covered head, and expressive face with an ear loop in his large and exaggerated left ear. He shows detailed whiskers and chest hair, and detailed right hand and both feet sticking out from underneath his robe, all of which are etched into the natural color clay making a nice contrasting accent. His facial details including his large definitive eyebrows which are wonderfully executed and very expressive. The artist is unknown and he is unsigned.

Condition: Excellent condition for the piece is perfect, with no chipping, missing elements or color loss. It retains a beautiful finish, with its original craftsmanship preserved. Museum-quality: meeting the standards of the collector of the Japanese folk art genre.