Antique Japanese Nabeshima-yaki Celadon Porcelain Pottery Toad With Baby

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Dimensions: 3-0”h x 5-0”w x 6-0”l 

In many ancient Asian tales and legends, the toad, (Hikigaeru) is a trickster and a magician, a master of escapes and spells. He is also the keeper of the real, powerful secrets of the world, such as the secret of immortality.  It is such ascribed powers that undoubtedly led the Japanese, to associate the toad with Taoists who seek to develop these talents.”

Offered is a rare and wonderful, large figurine of a toad in celadon glazing, with a textured scaled back with white dots, and a small baby frog sitting on top of its back. The glazing is a delicate translucent light grayish green. It has a blood-brown red accents to give character to the form, the eyes and features surrounding it open mouth. There are no identifying marks as to the maker.

Condition: Very good to Excellent original condition. Because of its importance and a rare animal figure, (most Nabeshima pieces were not animals), it was sensitively repaired to allow the history of the piece to remain and not take away from its beauty. The work was done by professional restoration expert in Kyushu, on one leg from a small break that occurred early in its creation. The restorer originally thought it was a crack in the glazing because the leg was not fully detached.

NOTE: Nabeshima ceramics originated from Arita in Saga Prefecture on Kyushu around the time when porcelain ware was first produced in Japan by Korean potters. The potters were brought to the country after the invasion of Korea by warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi around 400 years ago.