Antique Japanese Wajima Red Jyu Bako Portable Bento Box with Vertical Lift Door

Sale price$485.00

Dimensions: 21-0”h x 8-1/4”w x 8-1/4”d 

The Kanji on the cover of the box identifies this piece as, (wa jima aka jyu bako, 4 shi jyu iri) a box holding tired, (meaning layers of happiness) red lacquered containers. We understand that this piece was used mainly to contain assorted foods for a "traveling family picnicking" or for family members to bring food to those who worked in the fields. The box is a tall and slender chest from the city of Wajima, Ishikawa prefecture. It is made of resilient Kiriwood (paulownia) and has 6 solid stacking boxes, (four finished in red Urushi lacquer without covers, and two in natural Kirkwood boxes with finger pulls made to hold eating implements such as short Hashi (chopsticks), and Chirirenge (soup spoons or ladle), or Guinomi (Sake cups) and a small Tokkuri (flask). All interior containers are without hardware for unobstructed usage. There is the original hand-made iron carrying handle on the top and the sides of the box are two openings to define the corner legs of the piece. The entire Bako is assembled with wooden dowels. A wonderful collector's piece frozen in time. 

Condition: Very Good to Excellent, with age and indications of use adding to the character of the piece. It has a few small hairline cracks on the exterior of the body that do not distract from aesthetic appearance or function. No imperfections or missing lacquer finish with undamaged corners of each box. The lacquer on the interior boxes is excellent and in perfect condition with no fading or restoration. A wax called ‘Rōsoku no Rō’, which is similar to candle wax was used to retain its original and natural wood grain.