Antique Japanesse Jindai Koma Spinning Top | Sadohara region Miyazaki prefecture

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Dimensions: 8-3/4”l x 2-7-8”dia.

The Jindai Spinning top typically had the crest of the lords of Shimazu on the face. It is an old toy (Edo period – 1603-1867), with several other names and became popular among the children of samurai warriors. As a "charm against evil", the Jindai spinning top became a popular gift for Boys attending the Festival held on the fifth of May each year.

This Jindai spinning top is made from cut, hollow bamboo with round-shaped caps of Japanese cypress on both sides and a bamboo stick at the center. It has one small window on the body called "Unari mado (or a whizzing window)" which creates a unique whizzing sound when you spin the top. The only color pattern of the Jindai spinning top's body is ebony black since it utilizes the chemical reaction of the smoke of the pine trees and oozing bamboo oil when smoking with red accents. The family crests of those who had ordered the spinning top had been commonly painted before the Showa period. However, it was then unified to the crest of the Shimazu clan, the character "Ju" (十) placed inside the circle as shown in this top.

Additional Information: Toyohisa Shimazu, who was sent to Korea by Hideyoshi Toyotomi as part of the invasions, had brought Goryeo people to Japan (end of 16c). As they lived in Goryeo town in Sadowara domain, the origin of the Jindai spinning top is inarguably relative to the people from the Goryeo Dynasty. 

Condition: Superb outstandingly excellent, impressive, and beautiful. No chips, cracks, breaks, missing pieces, or restoration, and retains its original details and finish. The piece meets all the standards of the collectible Koma and Toys.