Chinese Chicken Bone Jade Pendant with Coral and Ivory Beads on Silk

Sale price$180.00

Dimensions: 9-1/2” long; Neck opening 6-1/2”

This is an exceptional piece of Chicken Bone Jade pendant is from the ming dynasty and carved in the form of a head spring lock with dragon heads on each end. The stones opaque mottled tone ranges from creamy-white tones to brownish-black colors. Between the pendant and the neck cord are a coral and ivory beads. This necklace is beautifully presented on a thick silk cording of coco, gold and orange colorations, and a decorative silk woven chain-like attachment and clasp with an onyx bead. 

Condition: Excellent and beautifully crafted with naturally occurring Chicken Bone inclusions, smooth in texture, natural occurring veining, and color variations inherent to stone. The piece is light weight and comfortable to wear.