Vintage Sosaku Kokeshi entitled: “Hi no hikari | Light of Fire” by Shido, Shouzan


Dimensions: 19-1/4”h 

Shouzan is considered by Kokeshi collectors and critics alike to be arguably the most influential artist in the world of Sosaku Kokeshi doll making. Offered is a vintage Sosaku Kokeshi that represents noble women with Heian hair treatments, topped with the ‘mage’ showing the wrapping of hair, which is formed into a pleasing design. Her head and face incorporate narrow eyes, a thin nose, and tiny red lips. The painted elements of the face are executed in black and gray sumi-e. 

His keen sense of design, minimal use of color, and simple elegant shapes set him apart from his peers, making him one of the most collectible artists emerging from the creative period of the ‘60s. He is a winner of the Prime Minister’s Award, among many other awards.

The doll is made from one piece of Beech, (Buna-zai) wood leaving a simple lathe-turned form representing the body and Kimono differentiating the parts of the figures. The shoulders are rounded and give a soft-looking transition between the body and head. What is interesting is Shouzan’s treatment of the Obi which is accomplished through what is called ‘Rokuro Moyo’ line work in brown pigment. The doll is signed and titled in script on the back by the artist.

Condition: Excellent condition pristine and unaltered with no missing elements, no color loss, and is in exceptional condition. A beautiful old patinated finish, retaining the original craftsmanship. Meets the standards of the collector of the Japanese folk art genre.