Japanese Wood Tobacco Smoking Box

Japanese Antique Tabako Bon | Hardwood Tobacco Smoking Box | Taisho Period



Descriptive qualities& condition:

Dimensions: 6-3/4w x 6-3/4d x 10-3/4”h

This personal, small Tabako set is made of Kiri wood with lovely grain, half-lap or finger joints held in place with wood pegs. The piece slightly tapers from the top to the bottom giving ti wonderful visual balance. It has one small drawer with a delicate hand-fashioned pull, and delicate feet to slightly raise it from the surface. The most decorative wood element on the piece is a shaped natural bamboo handle held in place with brass nails. It contains one essential component: a porcelain blue and white hibachi for keeping coals lit and for dowsing spent ashes. Additionally the original Kiseru pipe with a brass Hazara, (bowl); Gankubi Goose neck shank; Rau Stem; and Kuchimoto Lip with Suikuchi Mouthpiece which has been preserved as part of the set, (As tobacco-shredding techniques became more refined, pipe-bowls grew smaller, and pipe-stems were shortened, resulting in a more readily portable personal accessory). 

Condition: Remarkably good condition, fully intact, as originally hand-crafted and commensurate with age.