Japanese Antique Tabako Bon | Hardwood Tobacco Smoking Box | Taisho Period

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Dimensions: 10-3/4”h x 6-3/4"w x 6-3/4"d 

This personal, small Tabako set is made of Kiri wood with lovely grain, half-lap, or finger joints held in place with wooden pegs. The piece slightly tapers from top to bottom giving it wonderful visual balance. It has one small drawer with a delicate hand-fashioned pull, protruding from the surface. The most decorative wood element on the piece is a shaped natural bamboo handle held in place with brass nails. It contains one essential component: a porcelain blue and white hibachi for keeping coals lit and for dowsing spent ashes. Additionally, the original Kiseru pipe with a brass Hazara, (bowl); Gankubi Goose neck shank; Rau Stem; and Kuchimoto Lip with Suikuchi Mouthpiece which has been preserved as part of the set, (As tobacco-shredding techniques became more refined, pipe-bowls grew smaller, and pipe-stems were shortened, resulting in a more readily portable personal accessory). 

Condition: Excellent remarkable condition, fully intact, as hand-crafted initially which suggests a slight degree of wear that corresponds to its vintage and meets all the standards of the collectible furniture of the period. This is often treasured by collectors of smoking memorabilia.