Japanese Creative Kokeshi | Semishigure “Cicada’s Song” by Sato, Suigai


Dimensions: 13-1/2”h

The Kokeshi being offered is a famous award-winning Kokeshi, by Sato, Suigai. What is unique to this doll is the unusual but traditional hairstyle with a bun on a beautifully tilted head, with unique eyelashes detailed on this expressive face. The body of the doll is filled with a summer grass motif with a tight and uncolored wood obi on a vivid blue Kimono. The motif represents ‘Stilt grass’, which is most commonly found in shady, moist areas of wetlands.

Condition: Excellent and commensurate with age with no fading of the painted motif. Wonderful workmanship, turning, and painted features. 

NOTE: Sato-san, also known as Sadahachi, was born in Okubo, Yoshioka Village, Gunma Prefecture, to a family who owned a silk trading business. At the age of 18, he began his professional career as a painter under famous artist Komuro, Suiun, before pursuing a career in creative Kokeshi making in 1948. Sato-san also pursued careers in fashion design, engineering, and mechanics. His Kokeshi dolls have won many awards, including the Prime Minister’s Award in 1966. Sato-san’s artistry has been recognized by Japan’s Imperial Family, Crown Prince Akihito, (Now Emperor Akihito), the Minister of Economy and Trade, and the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry.