Japanese Exclusive Vintage Sosaku Kokeshi by Hideo Ishihara - Hanako (Flower Child) | Rare and Historically Significant

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Dimensions: 8-1/2” h x 3-3/4” dia.

This unusual and very rarely seen Kokeshi is entitled “Hanako” (Flower Child) and signed by award winner and master Hideo Ishihara, (1925-1999) and represents the painterly accomplishment of this artist. The most unusual element is the hand-painted textile design in red and multi-colored body adding to the complexity of the figure, emphasizing the strong character of this doll, and bringing out the true nature of the wood. Her head is fully covered with a black “Bob” hair design with bangs that frame a small portion of her simply defined face having only ‘one-story eyes’, (Hitofude-me). The doll is finished in a simple wax coating and contains his unique hand-scripted signature on the bottom of the doll.

A retired professor colleague and textile historian at Tokyo’s Bunka Gakuin University indicated that the textile design incorporated into this doll represents textiles worn at the time of the 1960 Japanese Peace Movement, (“Anpo Struggle”), and is beautifully represented by the painting experience of Ishihara.

For additional information on the artist go to: https://mingeiarts.com/collections/artisan-woodworker-ishihara-hideo-1925-1999

Condition: Excellent with minor signs of age and use.