Japanese Folk Toy Wooden Fighting Top | Ibo Wart Koma by Taniguchi Kisaburo

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Dimensions: 2.25”h x 2.75” dia.

This is an exceptionally crafted and older Koma. The box is original with the top and reads, Ohita (Prefecture), Ume, Fighting Top and the word Fighting Top is crossed out and written as “The wart type top”, because it does not have the sharpened iron axis that is alway used for fighting tops and not to confuse the buyer. The iron axis is quite an aggressive play and sometimes the top slip out of the hand and spins uncontrollably and can injure the other opponent. This top has a wooden tip and used for  younger children who had not quite mastered the skill to play with the same shaped wooden tip and used literally to push the opponents top out of the circle while playing by throwing the top against the other top. They are called other names like Kinone (tops with wooden root), or Ibo Goma like this piece meaning “the top with a wart.” It has red and green colored rings to decorate the natural hard wood. This top is unsigned but made by Taniguchi Kisaburo of Ume of Ohita Prefecture Japan who specialized in this type of Koma and who’s name is signed on the cardboard box. 

Condition: Totally hand-crafted, original, and in excellent condition with no stains, broken or missing parts. The box is slightly tainted and shows its age.