Japanese Modern Creative "Brush Kokeshi" by Shido Shouzan


Dimensions: 7-1/8"h; 6-1/4"h

Offered is a modern, Creative, and RARE whimsical, calligraphy brush-shaped Kokeshi purchased at the Arima Onsen, just outside Kobe and opposite of Mount Rokko, Hyogo Prefecture. The ryokan is one of the oldest Hot spring resorts in Western Japan. On the body on the largest Kokeshi is written the name “Arima”, with a red impressed stamp of the artist.

This piece was inspired by a Sumi-e drawing brush and was the basis for this unusual Shozan design in Kokeshi form. The Fude, or brush, has been integral to Japanese culture since the introduction of standardized writing systems from the continent of Asia in the fifth century. The Art of Shodo, (calligraphy, employing Japanese kana characters), has been held in high esteem and became “a powerful way to inculcate the values of Bushido”, and a means of communication, as well as the Zen practice that evokes harmony and wisdom.

These interesting doll forms are minimalistic and use the natural wood to its full potential. Representing a short shaft brush, it shows a simulation of upside-down bristles representing the dolls black hair, with simple Sumi-e executed faces and traditional side hair fringes. Both have calligraphy on the front of the bodies with Shouzan’s red impressed stamp on the largest figure. His Kokeshi dolls are so unique, popular, and difficult to find even in Japan.

This whimsical, calligraphy brush-shaped Kokeshi, according to Shouzan was inspired by the following poem entitled: Kitaga ze fuki 

The north wind blows the white clouds ten thousand miles across the cold river. It's a long way to cross the cold river (but) when (two) hearts met, they sway, fall down, and do not hear autumn's voice.

Condition: Excellent, original condition, with no fading or loss of color and consistent with age and standards of collectible Folk Art. All details are perfect and as crafted.