Japanese Pewter Olive Serving Set | Japanese Condiment Set

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Dimensions: 5-1/2”l

Offered is finely crafted jewelry for the table made of cast pewter in which the handle has been given the form of a naturalistic olive branch having wonderful detail and texture. The set came from Shodoshima, the Japanese “Olive Island” where their olives have achieved international fame and where they grow and export both olives and pickled plums. The elongated bowl of the spoon is shaped resembling the Shodoshima olive, with hand-cut piercing for the olives to drain while serving. The spear or fork is elongated and segmented for picking up other similar delicacies. This unusual set is simply beautiful, a perfect melding of art, craft, and function. Each piece is small in size with substantial weight to balance comfortably in hand, and complimentary to Japanese tableware and everyday use. No maker's mark.

Condition: Vintage, unused. This is an expressive condiment set that is hand cast in solid, lead-free, food-safe pewter and simply glows, soft and warm.

Additional Information: Legend has it that the first Japanese person to ever eat olives was Toyotomi Hideyoshi, one of the three warlords who unified Japan at the end of the 16th century. King Philipp II of Spain is said to have shipped to him in 1594 a full barrel of salted olives, as a diplomatic present. In 1861, the last Shogun’s personal physician, who had the privileged opportunity to learn western medicine, suggested exploring olive oil’s therapeutic value. Olive trees were imported from France and planted throughout Japan. Table wear for serving olives is popular throughout contemporary society, many of which have taken on unusual shapes and designs.