Japanese Rare Vintage Sakunami Oshin Kokeshi by Auiraga Teruyuki


Dimensions: 8-0”h

Unique to this strain is the Yamagata-Sakunami family style Kokeshi, which originated at Sakunami Onsen in Miyagi Prefecture, and isproduced by both the Kobayashi and Hiraga families in two different locations. Because there are two very different body shapes in this group, many people consider them separately.

Offered is an extremely artistic interpretation of a young female baby-sitter, (Oshin), who performs very important work. Japanese mothers are known for proactively predicting the needs of their children, making the prevention of fuss a high priority. The babysitter was a trusted and essential part of the Japanese family, and was particularly important to rural mothers who daily worked the fields, and who needed assurance that each child would be lovingly cared for throughout the day. 

This figure was not meant to be sentimental, but to exemplify the relationship between the figure expressing serenity and stability. She is wearing a very decorative Kimono and undergarments in pink, red, purple, and black, decorated with bold, stylized Chrysanthemum, (Kiku), blossoms which dominate the body design. This doll has a disproportionately larger head, with Yamagata features, including the Sakunami nose (tear drop), and hair side fringes, on top of a slender body. On her head is a headband, (Hachimaki), and a very decorative top element surrounded by black hair. The baby with fully detailed head has wide opened eyes staring up at Oshin. The doll is made from Mizuki, a very pale, fine-grained variety of dogwood, which grows in the Yamagata area. These were designed to be hand-held toys, rather than freestanding dolls. The piece is signed and fully detailed on the bottom.

Condition: Excellent, original condition, with no fading or loss of color and consistent with age and standards of collectible Folk Art. All details are perfect and as crafted.