Japanese Seto-ware Hare Stoneware Figure by Fumio Koyama

Sale price$285.00

Dimensions: 5-1/2”h x 4-1/2”w 7-3/4”l

Seto-yaki is a type of Japanese pottery produced around the city of Seto in Aichi Prefecture. Our understanding that the term for it is “setomono”, and many of these six ancient kilns surrounding the city produced numerous animals, including rabbits/hares similar to the one being sold. Offered is a wonderful, large representation of a Hare, (Hare is the oldest name for these beautiful creatures), with a dark brown modeled glaze that adds to the appearance and well defined texture of fur on his body.  Here is a large animal with expressive protruding eyes, beautifully fashioned snout, long floppy ears, and longer hind legs. Also shown is the strongly defined large feet/paws with fingerlike projections. When the piece is turned over, the entire figure shows it was created from a white clay. Our understand is that the piece was made at Fumio-san’s Kamakura studio, but unsure if it was made by Fumio-san or an assistant, for the piece is not signed.

Condition: Mint condition and as originally crafted and in perfect condition retaining the beautiful crafting of this rare rabbit without chips, cracks, or breaks.