Japanese Traditional Kokeshi | Rare Yajirou-Kei (Family) Doll by Hamatsu Heizaburo


Dimensions: 18-0”h (4lbs)

Offered is an extremely large Yajirou Kokeshi by Hamatsu-san was born in 1933 who is from the small farming village of Yajirou-machi near Kamasaki Onsen in Miyagi Prefecture, once a farming village between two, tall mountains. He studied under the master Niiyama Sanai.

This Kokeshi has distinctly painted waist and slightly wider base, making it very stable. This doll follows the standard of Yajirou dolls in which it has a hand-painted black collar, showing a small amount of the red undergarment. It has horizontal rings circling the waists using what is called Rokoru moyo style, and a tall grass motif on both sides below the waist at the base of the doll. Additionally, the Kimono is shown at the bottom as being partially open with red accents simulating the undergarment which is the only decoration. The dolls shows a painted beret-like feature or a bun on their head, similarly painted with a red center spot. Additionally incorporated is one lid or double eyelids, cat or pick shaped nose. This doll is made of the preferred wood which is white dogwood, (mazuki). The piece is signed on the bottom in script by the artist.

Condition: Excellent and commensurate with age with minimal fading of the motif. Extremely large, heavy doll. A collectors find based on workmanship and size. Fine example of the Yajirou-kei Family of Kokeshi.