Japanese Traditional Yajiro Kokeshi by Sato, Seikou


Dimensions: 8-0” h

Offered is an extremely cheerful Kokeshi, all lathe-turned and hand painted by the artist who signed the piece on the bottom of the doll. One characteristic feature of the Yajiro strain is said to be the head with a multi-colored cap-like pattern painted with a Rokuro (a lathe) with decorated side hair fringes. The unusual feature of this doll is that its body is uniform with multi-colored Rokoru Mayo horizontal lines to ornament the figure. A simple eye is referred to as “Hitoe-mabuta” (single-lid) where the eye is drawn with a single curved line with an eyeball underneath with a prominent eyebrow above. It  has what is referred to as a “Bachi-Bana” (shortened drum-stick) nose and accentuated red mouth. And finally, the most unusual aspect of this particular doll is its red cheeks which is a signature feature of this artist. The doll is signed, has his impressed stamp by the artist on the bottom.

Condition:  Excellent, original condition and well preserved for its age. It is beautiful and well formed, excellent proportions and wonderful hand painting.