Japanese Vintage Washi Paper Handmade Box with Miniature Toys


Dimensions: 1-0”h x 2-1/2”w x 1-0”d

Offered is a vintage and rare toy made of old Washi paper, inside and out, and with an image of a child holding a fan on the lid in striped colors of cream, orange, and silver. It had handmade ties for the hinges and a locking device with a thinly fashioned slide-type locking device made of Bakelite.

It contains eight (9) miniature toys, all vivid in color and beautifully made when parents used to teach young children how to do crafts and to occupy their time at playtime. Each type of toy is different depending on the available materials, where and by whom they were made range from one porcelain Daruma doll (symbol of perseverance and luck), two different types of Geta (wooden shoe with thong), a Kumi-daiko (Taiko drum), two Koma (spinning tops), a Nanbuhouki, (whisk broom), one Shushi no says, (a lacquered seed pod rattle), and last but not least, a miniature Izume.ko (acorn basket doll). Each typically embodies a different wish or goal. These are called Kyodo gangu and are the traditional folk toys made by school children.

Such provincial toys give them an inalienable fascination and attention of their own their rusticity reveals therein the Japanese history, legends, ancient customs, manners, human passion, and hopes, and are now coveted by collectors.

Condition: Excellent, treasured, and beautifully cared for, with no breaks, no repairs, or missing elements. Meets all the Museum standards of collectible Folk Art Toys.