"Kasuri | Ikat"


Dimensions: 7-1/8” h

The word ‘Ikat’ comes from the Malaysian word ‘to tie’, because the loose threads are tied into bundles using grasses or wax- treated cotton to specify where the dye is able to sink in and color the thread. Some Ikat emphasize precision, where it is difficult to distinguish it from block printing. The Japanese learned about this type of printing from the Dutch traders in the early eighteenth century. Here the artist masterfully incorporates this motif onto the bodies of these simple figures. The most unique and characteristic feature of this doll is the “pin head” in which Sato Bunkichi’s dolls are easily recognized, but very hard to find.  The piece is signed on the bottom.

Vintage Condition: “As is” with some scattered light wear or stain that does not affect the design, and retains the original craft/workmanship. Any discoloration, chipping/cracking, surface wear or structural damage noted.