Vintage Traditional Nakanosowa Kokeshi by Seya, Shigeharu


Dimensions: 9-1/2” h

This doll represents a subs-train of the Tsuchiyu doll. The face was so distinctive that it was given its own identity. The face is the distinguishing feature always incorporates the Bikkuri-me, (surprised eyes), with blushes around the eyes, and the Shishi-Bana, (lion’s nose), and a unique mouth. The body's design in red and green has an abstract motif not particularly representing anything in particular, and shows black concentric circles. The top of the head, called Jano-me, and together with a red bow and a loop on the sides of the temporal head are called Kase. The doll is signed.

Vintage Condition: “as is” with some scattered light wear that does not affect the design. It retains the original craft/workmanship. The details of the doll are not as refined as other models but offers diversity from the standard realistic flora for the collector of Nakanosowa kokeshi. Again, it is commensurate with age. Any discoloration, chipping/cracking, surface wear, or structural damage is noted.