Japanese Traditional Yajiro Kokeshi by Sato, Seikou


Dimensions: 10-0” h

Offered is an extremely expressive and jovially celebratory Kokeshi, all lathe-turned and hand-painted by the artist who signed the piece on the bottom of the doll. One characteristic feature of the Yajiro strain is said to be the head with a multi-colored cap-like pattern painted with a Rokuro (a lathe) with decorated side hair fringes. The body of this doll ungulates in width with a broader base for stability. Here the waist is accentuated with a colored band relief and shows a combination of hand-painted decoration and multi-colored Rokoru Mayo horizontal lines. A simple eye is referred to as “Hitoe-mabuta” (single-lid) where the eye is drawn with a single curved line with an eyeball underneath with a prominent eyebrow above. It has what is referred to as a “Bachi-Bana” (shortened drum-stick) nose and accentuated red mouth. And finally, the most unusual aspect of this particular doll is its red cheeks which is a signature feature of this artist. The doll is signed, has his impressed stamp by the artist on the bottom.

Condition:  Excellent, very refined doll in its original condition and well preserved for its age. It is beautiful and well-formed, with excellent proportions with wonderful hand painting.