Rare Traditional Yajirou Okkake Koma, (Chasing Spinning Top) by Sato Hideyuki


Dimensions: 1-1/4”h x 2-1/8” dia.

This spinning top is what is called Okkake Koma, (Okkake means chasing, Koma is spinning top). Pieces of this type are made during this period by professional woodcarvers called Kijishokunin. This top is meant to first spin the piece in the center using the twine, then throw the top outward while the twine unraveled adding speed and freeing the top to spin. The piece is beautifully painted with a plumb blossom branch and flowers with a Yajirou Kokeshi face detail on the top. The motif and body are fully detailed in colors of reds, purple, and black on all portions of the top. A very RARE and unique collector’s piece and a great addition to any Japanese collection.

Condition: Totally hand-crafted in excellent condition with no stains, broken or missing parts.