RARE Vintage Japanese Traditional Kokeshi | Tsuchiyu-Kei by Shinogi, Toshio (1931-)

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Dimensions: 32-0”h (Weight - 13-0 lbs)

This extremely large and unique Kokeshi was made as a Disupurei, (A traditional Shop Display) and a non-hanging Kanban to attract customers at the Tsuchiyu hot spring resort near Fukushima-shi (city). Tsuchiyu Kokeshi was produced in two versions. Most characteristic are dolls with a columnar body, tapering where the neck would be. The Tsuchiyu kiji-ya (craftsmen) utilized snap-on and squeeze-in techniques for attaching the heads, which are then painted with a Janome pattern, leaving the center open. This is known as the ‘snake eye design and is also commonly seen on the tops of the paper and lacquered umbrellas, (Kasa).

This doll is lathe-turned from one piece of Kabanoki (Birch) and standardly, as In this case, the design of black concentric circles on the top of the head is an identifying feature called Janome. Together with a red bow and a loop on the head, (kase), and side hair fringes are one major characteristic of the Tsuchiyu Kokeshi. The innermost circle of the head is colorless. The patterns of the body are alternating black, red, and negative space defining the overall body. These Kokeshi eyes are called futae-mabuta, (double lid), and their noses are called tare-bana, (long nose). This doll has consciously large eyes a single pronounced eyebrow and red lips.

The painting on the body is known for the Rokuro Moyo style of circular painting. History tells us that the artists of this style of Kokeshi are famous for being the most accomplished in the circular style of painting, as they take it several steps further by either reversing the line at some point or by zig-zagging the lines periodically. Both add a dynamic element to this family of dolls. This Kokeshi was made by a descendant of Tsuchiyu group which originated in 1898 by Abe, Kinzo. The piece is signed and fully titled by the artist Shinogi, Toshio with a pencil date of 50/9/8. He is one of several craftsmen who eventually broke from the family and transitioned to making Sosaku Kokeshi dolls.

Condition: Superb outstandingly excellent, impressively large, and beautiful. No chips, cracks, breaks, missing pieces, or restoration, and retains its original details and finish. The piece meets all the standards of the collectible Traditional Tsuchiyu-kei Kokeshi. NOTE: FREE SHIPPING TO US LOCATIONS (HAWAII-PLEASE REQUEST DIFFERENTIAL). We will invoice you upon purchase request.

Additional Information: Tsuchiyu Strain is one of the first four strains considered the major and the oldest Kokeshi. Tsuchiyu Family dolls, and other wood items such as toys, which local craftsmen began selling to Japanese visitors in the 1840s at Tsuchiyu Onsen in Fukushima Prefecture, (see image).