Rare Vintage Japanese Yajirou Kokeshi Personal Seal (Hanko) by Takashi Kamata


Dimensions: 8-1/2” h x 3-3/4” dia.

This is an exceptionally wonderful miniature red ink seal that has a stamp with a Kanji that translates as “Wisdom | Humanity”. It was used to place a personal mark on a communication in the place of a signature, in this case an artistic and philosophical form of mark used by a Kokeshi craftsman or merchant.

The seal is contained in a lathe-turned dogwood (mazuki), three-dimemsional, Yajirou style Kokeshi that separates in the middle to expose the seal. The figure follows the designs set forth by the Yajirou family craftsmen having a distinct waist and wider base. The piece has been decorated using a rainbow of colors of red, black, green, and purple. The upper portion has a hand-painted bodice of stylized chrysanthemum petals, separated by Rokoru Moyo horizontal line work. On the bottom are further abstractions of flower pedals. The head has a painted beret-like feature or a bun on the skull, similarly painted with a red and purple circles and a black center spot. It additionally has black hair with bangs and hair side fringes, single lid eyes, a cat shaped nose and small red mouth. The seal is signed on the bottom by Takashi Kamata. When purchased it was presented with a black and red lacquer box decorated with plum blossoms and holds an ink pad.

For additional information on the artist go to: https://mingeiarts.com/collections/yajirou-kei-family

Condition: Excellent and original condition retaining their original craft/workmanship showing and is commensurate with age. The piece meets all the standards of Traditional Yajirou-Kei Kokeshi styling.