Sahiko Hanten Fireman’s Coat by Kuwata, Michio & Akira Sunagawa


This book is a study of Sashiko Hanten Fireman’s coats worn by firemen for protecting their bodies. Some have photography, some are of all repeated patterns, and the others are either figureless indigo motifs or ones with a medallion on the back. These cotton coats were made to easily absorb water in the late Edo period and go back to the tattoo culture, which was fashionable among townspeople. Some costs featured have the artist’s signature, which did not belong to Edo firemen. They regarded them to have been the property of some provincial leisured masters kept for pleasure yearning for Edo. The historical study of these Sashiko Hanten is very difficult but beautifully covered in this hardcover book. The majority of the book is in Japanese with some English notations.

Condition: Excellent original condition with no marks and an unbroken spine and perfect representation for collectors, and anyone interested in Japanese textile arts.