Vintage Sosaku Kokeshi by Shido, Shouzan entitled: Kitaguni (Wintry Weather)


Dimensions: 11-1/2”h

Shido-san loved loved creating slender, tall dolls to support the fact that they resemble thin trees seen throughout Japan. He also enjoyed using a variety of woods to give character to his dolls. 

Shouzan particularly enjoyed the and snowy season, which is a favorite theme, executed with minimal painted ornamentation, and in this case with a scarf to accentuate the body of the doll and part of the headdress called a ‘Tsunokakushi’, which is a wide headdress or hood, which covered the hair with bangs peeping out of the hood. Here you see a very characteristic treatment of the of eyes. The black scarf is shown over an overcoat that is defined only by a variation in the recessed line on the bottom of the doll in which the Kimono is shown as vertical line work on the bottom which brings forth the best use of complex geometry to create traditional Japanese clothing elements.

Condition: This doll is in excellent condition with no fading and painted work as originally made.