"Shishi-mai | Lion Dancers"


Dimensions: 4-0”h; 3-1/4”h; 4-1/2” h

The three dolls shown are being sold as a set. Each of these small and beautiful wooden dolls have “bobble heads” and been carefully hand painted with a lion’s wild mane flowing from their heads, to evoke the mesmerizing fierceness of the Lion character from the Noh play “Renjishi“, which means, “The Lion Dance“. These figures are based on a folk story about a monk that had a dream in which there were many sorrows and evils plaguing the land. The monk prayed and asked Buddha how he could prevent these evils from occurring. From this legend, the ‘Lion Dancer’ was born, and has been characterized in both Noh Theatre and local festivals in both Japan and China.  The facial detailing and particularly the mane are delicately rendered and the robes are beautifully executed and representative of the theatrical costuming of the period. The right hand figure is signed.

Vintage Condition: “As is” with some scattered light wear or stain that does not affect the design, and retains the original craft/workmanship. Any discoloration, chipping/cracking, surface wear or structural damage noted.