Traditional Vintage Nambu/Kina Kina Family Kokeshi by Jitsutaro, Suzumago

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Dimensions: 12”h

This is traditional Kina Kina Kokeshi of the Nambu-kei family by Jitsutaro, Suzumago (b1908-1984). This doll was styled after what might well be considered the original Kokeshi as it is said they were always unpainted and modeled after a smaller version of the baby’s pacifier or ‘teething’ doll called Kikuriboko, or "Child of Wood.". As in every case the wood has a very smooth surface and no ornamentation to facilitate its’ purpose. The larger version of course was not a teething doll but was modeled after the same body form. The Kokeshi has the standard “nodder” head that is snapped-on to the body so that they would turn and wobble. With no decoration other than a refined form and a suggestion of an obi on the body. The piece is signed on the base.

Condition: Excellent vintage condition and as originally made. Beautiful polished patina developed from age with no flaws. The doll has been published in A Collectors Guide: Traditional and Creative Kokeshi and Toys. 

NOTE: Under our Browse and Learn section, please refer to Browse by Family, Nambu/Kina-Kiina-Kei Family for full details on the history and development of this style doll.