Antique Chinese Carved Huanghuali Wood Display Stand with Serpentine Legs

Sale price$85.00

Dimensions: 4-1/2”l x 3-1/4”w x 2-2/8”h

This Chinese carved wood stand features an oval form with a pierced skirt,  (apron), around the top platform edge of the stand with a stylized Ruyi motif. There are four Serpentine legs which are beautifully integrated into the carved skirt, (Apron). The platform has a recessed center for a previously owned object but is simple enough to accept other pieces of artwork. The stand was finished with a coating of dark lacquer, now beautifully weathered from a century of use.

Chinese Huanghuali furniture is extremely rare and highly coveted, and refers to all furniture made from the yellowish-red wood of the Huanghuali tree. Huanghuali is a type of rosewood originally referred to as “huali." “Huang," meaning “yellow," refers to the yellowish tone that is adopted by the wood after prolonged exposure to sunlight. Huanghuali wood furniture is not only distinctive by the beautiful color, but also by the sweet aroma when cut. Due to its popularity, however, the slow-growing Huanghuali tree now hangs on the brink of extinction and all new creation of furniture and decorative arts from its wood is now forbidden. 

Condition: Exceptional impressive, and beautiful. There are no chips, cracks, breaks, fading, or color distortion, and it retains its original details and aged/patinated finish.