Vintage Creative Kokeshi "Mailer Dolls” | Historically Significant Folk Art


Dimensions: 4-0” & 4-1/4”h

This type of Kokeshi mailer was once a very popular item and a fun way to roll notes and mail messages to a friend instead of using a yet-to-be-developed postcard. These were collected by family and children touring throughout Japan shortly after WWII.

The two lathe-turn miniatures were made to look like Traditional Kokeshi “bobblehead” dolls. The subject is depicted on the body; one represents a Ainu Man in traditional clothing, and one shows fishing in Hokkaido both represent the prefecture from which they came. They are made from a single piece of hollowed-out wood and contain a personal note that is accessible after unscrewing the bottom.  Each had mailing tags with a stamp that were tied around each neck and deposited at the postal station. The craftsman is known.

Condition:  Both pieces are in excellent original condition and as made and fully functional.