Vintage Hand Carved Traditional Japanese Daruma Wooden Wall Plaque

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Dimensions: 9-1/2”h x 8-3/4”w x 2-0”d

If you do a search you will not find many masks or carved wall plaques featuring this religious figure since very few remain. The monk became a wall-gazer. He meditated, eyes to a wall, in a seated position for nine years, without breaks, and without closing his eyes, except once, after seven years.

Wall art of this type is outstanding in its form and details and is treasured to be kept in homes as a daily reminder of one's intentions and perseverance. Here, Daruma's face is the main feature of this plaque with his large open eyes, expressive frowning mouth, exaggerated ear with his big hoop earring, which was a symbol of religion and power within societies, and framed by ample black eyebrows and beard. Running up the side of his face is a beautifully carved Hossu, (fly whisk which is a symbol of Buddhist monastic hierarchy). The carver used the exact technical perfection as art in other formats by artists of the period. It is deeply carved and made of Sakura, (Cherry) wood. It has one set of wholes with a cord to hang on a wall. Artist/maker unknown, Japanese

Condition: Excellent condition, beautiful detail carving and celebration of the natural wood. The plaque is without signs of wear and commensurate with age.