Vintage Japanese Boy and the Peach Interactive Toy by Hiroi, Masaaki

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Dimensions: 8-1/2”h x 3-3/4”dia.

Hiroi, Masaaki, (1935-2019) was the first Japanese creator of automaton figures which began in the 1960s, when these pieces were only for Japanese tourists but then these wonderful productions began to be looked at as “art" in 1970 Masaaki took when he introduced his works at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. The piece being offered was one of three pieces he introduced, The Boy and the Peach, The Noodle Eater, and The Young Lord Riding a Boar.

This toy depicts a Japanese tale that took place in Okayama. A boy named Momotarō, which means “Peach Boy”, was found by a couple who was very lonely and had no children. I will not go into the full story in this listing and ask that you go to the following link in our Blog:

The images with this listing show the entire toy closed and opened. When you pull on the string the peach opens to show the boy inside just like the tale tells us as to how he was discovered upon splitting the peach. The piece is in multiple colors of purple, red, and green with the peach being left in the natural color of the wood from which it was made. The piece is not signed because it was made specifically for Japanese travelers looking for a souvenir to bring home to their children envisioning and introducing them to storytelling, and a basis for introducing children to their culture and beliefs. The toy was not made for export.

NOTE: The pigments used in this doll's creation are not colorfast, so colors may fade if brought into contact with water. The internal mechanisms are very delicate. The entire figure should be handled carefully at all times as it has been by the previous owner.

The ingeniously talented craftsman who creates this traditional spinning toy along with his creative approach to toy making can be found in our BLOG by going to:

Condition: Excellent meaning the piece is perfect, totally original, and complete and functions as intended. No cracks, no breaks, no missing pieces, and it retains its wonderful presence which suggests a degree of color variation that corresponds to its vintage. The artifact meets all the standards of the collectible Vintage Kokeshi toys and without question a unique treasure for the Japanophile.