Vintage Japanese Hijiori Himi-Daruma Wood Figure | Sato, Junosuke | Female Daruma Doll


Dimensions: 3-1/2”h x 3-0” dia.

The Hijiori style doll is considered a popular model and has very distinctive facial features and head decorations. Because fewer of these dolls are produced, they are highly favored among doll collectors because they are so distinctive and attractive, and typically more expensive.

This red, round, and shaped doll has a gentle smile with well-defined and expressive lips and is regarded as a talisman of good luck, and said to bring family happiness and a thriving business. She has double eyelids and eyes with the irises well defined looking outwards in meditation. She has what was named a “long” nose. She has a traditional hairstyle in which the hair falls over and on the sides of her face. On the top of her head is a black abstract chrysanthemum flower. Her body has an overall red lacquer and is decorated with a 'spray' formation of flowers in black. She sits on a purple base that is part of the figure. This is an unusual Himi-Daruma design, few found and perfect for the Kokeshi collector. The piece is signed by Sato-san.

Condition: Excellent vintage condition and commensurate with age. Rarely found carving and perfect for the collector of Japanese religious folk art.