Vintage Japanese Miniature Daruma Daishi Figures and Hime-Daruma Bell by Hashiyama

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Dimensions: 1-1/2”h

Offered is a set of Four (4) miniature Okimono, (ornament for display and typically displayed in a Tokonoma alcove or Butsudan altar) representing Daruma and Himi Daruma. Shown from left to right is hime-daruma, (which means princess and refers to the legendary Empress Jingū Kogō) who had a special connection with Matsuyama, the headquarters of an important warrior clan during Japan's feudal era, (1185–1867). The other three figures represent Daruma which is the Japanese name for Bodhidharma, a monk who founded Zen Buddhism in Japan. Though to be a Hindu or Persian prince, Daruma rejected his former life and traveled across the Silk Road to China and Japan.

The first figure shows Daruma holding seated with a fly whisk, the second (middle) figure he is standing with his whisk over his s shoulder and wearing large earrings, and the third (far right) figure is the most unusual in that he is holding a smaller figure of himself in his raised right hand and wearing an Hachimaki, (bandana) on his head. Each has a wonderful characteristic face and large and expressive eyes. Each has impressed stamps on the bottom of the figure. These miniature pieces are made by Hashiyama.

Condition: Very Good vintage condition and commensurate with age as seen in the loss of some glazing from loving attention.