Vintage Japanese Nagoya Obi | Nagoya Obi with Taresaki End Section

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Dimensions: 6-0" to 11-3/4”w x 144”l 

Offered is a Nagoya obi, which is a hybrid style, which has a distinctive shape, which is more comfortable and easy to wrap around the waist. It is narrow for approximately two-thirds of the length and then it flares out to full width to the end which accommodates the Obi Knot, (Musubi) on the wearer's back that keeps the Kimono closed and secure. The entire length is sewn in a half-width permanently and is the exact amount needed to make the ‘taiko’ shape in the back, which is sewn full width. The particular piece is quite casual and is a heavier fabric in a solid burnt orange color with a small wavy, repetitive geometric design in a rich mustard with an occasional green or gold, and it symbolizes respect and a more restrained in appearance for a business-like environment.  

Purchased from a Tea Shop Owner in Kyoto on Nene no Michi Street, the piece was one of several Kimono and Kimono accessories that her Mother used to sell in the gift portion of the shop, which was passed down when her mother retired.

Condition: Excellent, for the piece is perfect; rich tones with no color fading or imperfections, and the strength of the warp and weft is as originally made. It meets the high standards of Japanese textile design.