Vintage Japanese Sashi-Netsuke | Stag Antler and Manju Ojime

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Dimensions: Horn-3-1/4”l; Ojime-1-3/4”dia

Japanese Sashi-Netsuke natural tip of a deer antler, called sashi-netsuke, is made of a young deer’s antlers, with a beautiful natural horn dark brown patina. in the thicker part (the crown) of the antler with a cord attaching to the Ojime. This type of netsuke with its carved wood Manju Ojime, (Kiyomizu-Dera Temple and flora scene) was stuck between the windings of the man’s obi (sash) and considered part of the Sagemono kimono fittings.  

Condition: Excellent condition and beautiful Japanese artistry and functional design. Retains the original natural patina, craft/workmanship, having no discoloration, chipping/cracking, surface wear, or structural damage. 

Additional Information: The Japanese, primarily before 1947, had a history of utilizing rare and historic animal bones and rare woods for many objects used by the samurai and upper classes at that time. Many of these art objects fell under the Okimono's decorative category, including Netsuke, Brooches, Hair Ornaments, functional objects as musical instruments, and furniture seen throughout this earlier part of history. A new dialogue during the Meiji period between Japan, (not China) and the West led to a concern for protecting many rare materials incorporated into art and craft practices. This changed to address customer interests and the changing ESA laws throughout the world influenced all production of art goods from this date forward. Any object being sold that falls into the endangered species category must be at least 100 years or older and substantiated by the signature and date on the piece for by radiocarbon dating.