Vintage Japanese Set of Three Upside Down Sakadachi Koma | Wood Hand Spun Twirlers

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Dimensions: 1-13/8”h x 1-1/4”dia (each) 

This is a set of three wooden Koma tops called Sakadachi, (headstand), Koma because as they spin, they gradually begin to top flips upside down while it spins, beginning to stand on its handle because of the centrifugal force making the heavy portion will face upward. Each of the tops in this set has colored rings of red, green, and purple, (Each of them has its own meaning; red represents health; green, (harvest); and purple, (nobility). The artist is unknown.

The first of those to value the production of tops as art were people overseas rather than in Japan, although the Japanese perfected the art for use in everyday entertainment of their children and feel spinning tops have a “calming and relaxing” effect.

Japanese craftsmen tell us that a top that’s well-done has a vertical handle that stands up straight and doesn’t wobble in the slightest when it turns. When it [spins so well] that the top appears perfectly still while spinning, referred to as “sleeping.” A wonderful toy designer, Hiroi Masaaki once said that “When I look at a “sleeping”” top, the words someone once said to me come to mind: There is a top in our hearts. If the axis doesn’t wobble, your life is on the right track.” 

Condition: Excellent, original condition.